Gambia Bird Airlines Limited is an airline founded in late 2012. Headquartered in Banjul, The Gambia‘s capital, the company operates flights from Banjul International Airport to African ECOWAS cities, with further long haul services to Barcelona and London in Europe.

Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Wazinski, Gambia Bird has recently extended its destinations and currently operates services to Accra, Bissau, Dakar, Douala, Freetown, Lagos, Monrovia, Barcelona and London (Conakry will be also launched in the near future). Gambia Bird aims to position itself as the leading airline in West Africa providing security, confidence and assiduity of flights to major cities in the region, and become a pioneer in the business, tourists and domestic sectors.

Gambia Bird, which operates under European standards, is supported by Germania, a German airline with 26 years of industry experience in Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

Based on the positive economic outlook, indicating that West Africa is poised to grow at a significant rate in the coming years, the airline plans to expand its destinations within West Africa and Europe.