The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the beginning of the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars converted the band into a symbol of survival and the capacity of human resistance in adverse conditions.

The formation of the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars began in a refugee camp in Guinea, the neighbouring country where one third of the population of Sierra Leone escaped to during the civil war.

In 2006 the group’s official debut came with the release of their first album “Living Like a Refugee” and they followed up with “Rise and Shine” a few years later.

In April of this year, the Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars launched their third album “Radio Salone“, a homage to the old fashioned radio that helped so much to keep them connected with the rest of Africa and the world.

To promote the new album, their tour until September 2012, gives the world a not-to-be-missed opportunity to see Sierra Leone’s most famous band.