Domestic and international leaders within energy generation, energy efficiency, as well as water and waste management, will come together for the West African Clean Energy & Environment Conference & Exhibition WACEE 12 from 6th to 8th November 2012 in the International Conference Centre Accra, Ghana.

WACEE 12 will comprise a three day conference with an exhibition on each day and will provide a platform for power providers, technology suppliers, investors, industry experts as well as political and economical decision takers to discuss matters and opportunities in the area of clean energy. The conference will feature experts from the governmental, industrial and scientific sectors to provide input through participation in speech delivery, workshops or panels.

It  will therefore amount to a platform to bring together the knowledge and experience from the following sectors:
Conventional energies in West Africa: oil, gas and hydropower
Renewable energies in West Africa: wind, gas and biomass
Recycling and water treatment

The exhibition, as an international event for West Africa, will represent all key players within the industry, presenting their company and newest technology focused on clean energy and environment.

The exhibition will feature domestic and international exhibitors from the following sectors:
Oil and gas
Renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass)
Energy efficiency
Water and wastewater management
Waste management