Late last year two containers for the charity West African Relief left the shores of the UK for Sierra Leone. Today, Gel Page and his team are heading towards Newton to distribute the goods, which include clothes, medicine and vital supplies to the orphans from around the neighbourhood.

The West African Relief team put on the special day at The Farm in Newton, which forms a central point of assistance and goodwill for the local community.

The sustainable initiative is a recent joint venture with Andy Richardson, the founder of the UK based Phoenix Resource Centre, an environmental charity that works directly with UK Ministry advisors regarding the collection and recycling of clean usable waste. Those include off-cuts of material, wood, card, surplus stocks, end of lines and unwanted goods from industry and local businesses.

The day marks the first of two containers from the newly formed partnership, which will help to facilitate the finishing of a partly constructed orphanage in Newton as well as retrain, restructure and restock the region’s only local clinic.

However, West African Relief’s future goal is to create sustainable workshops for the youth of Sierra Leone and across West Africa by designing and manufacturing quality bags, shoes, jewellery, household items and decorations from the materials saved from the UK’s landfills.